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Pacifica THz Time Domain Spectrometer is a modular tabletop system for scientific and industrial applications of pulsed THz radiation.

In the electromagnetic spectrum, the frequency range between microwaves and the infrared is often called the THz gap, because it has been rarely used in technology, because of a lack suitable sources and detectors.

First generation of Pacifica THz spectrometers was based on generation of THz waves in ZnTe crystals irradiated by femtosecond (ultrafast) laser pulses.
THz pulses are generated with a photoconductive antenna (PCA) hit by ultrafast laser pulses. The detection follows the same principle in a detector PCA.
Antenna materials and structures are available for most common wavelengths (800nm, 1060nm, etc.) so the system may be operated with a broad range of femtosecond lasers. Since all components are mounted on an easy-to-transport breadboard maximum flexibility is assured.
Included is a high voltage square wave generator for powering the emitter antenna. So optical chopping can be avoided and signal-to-noise-ratio and output power will be improved. For spectroscopy applications we offer an optional cover of the setup to purge the measurement system with inert gas.
The system is delivered with a ready-to-use Labview Software including VIs for determining absorption spectra.


Sample spectra for two PCA2 40-05-10 (emitter and equal detector) excited with 220fs Pulses with 100mW @ 1064nm each.

Specifications: request a quote

Spectral Range: 0.1 - 3 THz (depending on laser pulse width and choice of antenna)
Spectral Resolution: approx. 1 GHz (depending on scan range)
Size: 600 mm x 450 mm Breadboard (except laser & electronics)
Including Labview Software for multiple applications such as absorption spectroscopy
Optional cover for use with nitrogen inert gas


Scope of delivery:

600mm x 450mm breadboard with all IR-optics and optomechanics on top
Delay stage (150 mm travel distance)
THz emitter & detector: BATOP PCA
THz optics:2 gold coated off-axis parabolic mirrors
Voltage supply for emitter PCA
Labview software
Cover for inert gas (optional)
Lock-In suitable to use with detector and software (optional)
Customer requires
Femtosecond pulse laser
PC or Laptop computer with labview licence version 8.0 or higher



Unique properties of THz waves make them interesting for variety of applications.
Due to the low photon energy, the risk of harm through ionization seems negligible.
Many materials like paper, plastics and fabrics are transparent to THz radiation, while water absorbs and metals reflect the radiation. Due to its long wavelengths, the radiation is insensitve to surface roghness. Many organic substances have characteristic spectroscopic signatures in the THz range.

Measurement of moisture content in paper during its fabrication
Detection of concealed weapons


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