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Beacon Femtosecond Optically Gated Fluorescence Kinetic Measurement System - request a quote


Below are the specifications for Beacon together with Trestles Ti:sapphire oscillator, second and third harmonic generators. The Trestles gives 85 MHz pulse rep. rate and photon counting detection system of Beacon detects very weak fluorescence upconversion signal.


Trestles 100 one-box femtosecond Ti: sapphire oscillator
Pulse duration: <60 fs at 800 nm
Tuning range: 750 nm 850 nm
Output power at 800 mW: > 500 mW
Pulse repetition rate: 85 MHz
Output beam diameter: 2-3 mm
Spatial mode: TEMoo
Polarization: horizontal (polarization ratio >100 :1
 Maintenance free 4W diode pumped solid state pump laser is included

Beacon Femtosecond Optically Gated Fluorescence Kinetic Measurement System
Basic configuration includes:
1. All optics and mechanics for fluorescence measurements under excitation with fundamental wavelengths of femtosecond Ti: sapphire oscillator:
2.0 ns optical delay line (0.78 fs/step);
optics for fluorescence anisotropy measurements;
fluorescence collection for transmission and reflection configurations;
rotating sample cell assembly;
holder for solid samples;
set of selected color and neutral density filters

2. SHG (frequency doubler), installed inside the optical unit for sample excitation with second harmonic of Ti: sapphire oscillator

3. Double monochromator: f = 160 mm, wavelength range: 190 1200 nm (w/o grating change), F-number: 3.5; spectral band: 4.6 nm/mm

4. Mounted selected photon counting PMT (<5 counts/sec at room temperature, 1-2 counts/sec typical) with electronic unit connected to PC via serial port.

5. Lumex 5.0 data acquisition software

6. CCD camera for the system adjustment

7. PC with installed Windows XP

Frequency Conversion Unit
THG (third harmonic generation) together with the Beacon 100 frequency doubler
Fluorescence collection spectral range:
300 nm 1600 nm depending on the excitation wavelength

Delivery: 10 12 weeks for complete system
Warranty: 12 months for all Del Mar components of the system including electronics, mechanics and optics.

Air-conditioned room with temperature range 18 24 C and temperature stability of 1 C is required.
Optical table 1.2 m x 2.5 m is required

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